Thank you for your Continued Support – March Update

Thank you

Beloved Patrons,  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so so much for your support and holding on through March, it has been a difficult month for us all waiting on the feature project, as you know I have been extreamly busy making the project in my spare time.  I just want to thank you all again for sticking by me during the project and I know you've all been waiting. 

I still have more animation to do for the wolf project but I won't spend too much longer with it, considering it was supposed to be a March animation, which is why I have decided to change "monthly character animation poll" to a linear numerical system, ie "character animation poll #3", this is just incase I can't complete it within a month, but I have learnt a lot from the project and hope not to spend too much time on future projects. Thank you again. 

New animation style

Going forward I am hoping to experiment with linear animations instead of just gif loops, it's a new path for me and may take time to perfect the idea but I believe it is the right path and I have a good knowledge of such animations, just not quite experienced.  

As you know there are two types I can publish - MP4 allows me to publish all animations into a single movie which is also useful for linier aimation. Gif animations are most useful for short single loop animations, such as my current style.  Since I am going to try have my animations linear I will be concentrating on MP4, however in order to produce fluid loop Gifs the animation will have to be redesigned to support fluid seamless looping.

I am hoping to eventually have the best of both worlds and produce both, but at least for the first experiment movie I will only concentrate on linier movie to save time just incase, this will allow me to decide if it is worth the extra time to produce gifs for future projects. 

Update Pods

Another experimental project, some of you have noticed the posts that I call Update Pods, I hadn't really explained exactly what they are, but essentially they are posts containing a newly remastered animation from my archive projects, and will be updated on a regular basis with more scenes, all my archive posts are Gif loops. 

I currently have two update pods, the Clydesdale x Labrador and Labrador x Labrador, the later of which I have recently updated with its first update. I am hoping to publish a new pod shortly with a new animation which (also hoping) will coincide with a new animation update for Clydesdale x Labrador. 

Tiers - Important notice

As many of you have seen I have some new tiers, this allows for current tier subscribers to have a look to see if there is a better cheaper tier, and for patron-only subscribers (patrons without a tier) to also choose a tier, if you haven't yet chosen one PLEASE SELECT A TIER  - You will not be charged extra from your current pledge.

Thank you, please click here to select a tier


I am running late on new polls due to being behind on my wolf project, thank you for your time and understanding during these times while I'm completing the project.  

If you have any suggestions, please let me know

Discord Stallion Server, Next Billing Dates

That's it for now, thank you again for your continued support and understanding.  The billing dates, I believe, are end of March so if you wish to continue your support into April I think you will be charged the monthly pledge before April.

Here is the discord invite, you are more than welcome, we'd love to see you!

I love you all and you hold a special place in my heart, I greatly appreciate all your support it means so much, if you decide to stay with me into April thank you so so much, I truly can't thank you enough and I hope you enjoy all the content to come

Until next time, take care and thank you!

Trio x