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Trioami's Feral Paradise

Welcome lovely furries, to your new exotic fantasy playhouse, home to beautiful equine, canine, feline, and more exotics.

Trioami's Disclaimer

Please be advised the content within this site is highly explicit material, depicting [digitized] true-to-life feral characters engaging in highly explicit activity.

If you have dropped by without expecting this type of content please exit now!

Thank you. 


My digital, fantasy


My little (and large!) intimate furballs are of the most romantic and beautiful animals including horses of various breeds, (Arabian, Clydesdale and Friesian), furry wolves, and many canines including Labradors and parson and bull terrier breeds.  My more exotic characters that you may see are zebras, mules/donkeys and dragons.

My feral furries aren't shy, they love what they do, live in the moment and fly free within the fiery realms of sexual ecstasy, but don't take my word for it, they are all waiting now for you, become a Patron today to get access to Patron exclusive content, and to support my work,

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